Related Links and Oil & Gas Reports and Legislation



Developing a Western Energy Strategy for the Black Sea Region and Beyond - Atlantic Council (Nov. 2015)

A Fiscal Framework for Offshore O&G Activities in Romania (March 2016)

Impact of the onshore upstream O&G industry on the Romanian economy - KPMG [Feb. 2016]

America's Energy Renaissance (Nov. 2016)

Global Energy Brief – IOGP (Feb. 2017)

IEA - Oil 2017 - Analysis and Forecasts to 2022

BERD Energy Sector Strategy 2019-2023

IRENA – A New World: The Geopolitics of Energy Transformation (Feb 2019)

World Energy Issues Monitor 2019

Gas for Climate Report 2019

The Role of Gas in Today’s Energy Transitions (IEA, July 2019)

The Oil and Gas Industry in Energy Transitions – IEA (Jan. 2020)

McKinsey Analysis: Oil and Gas after COVID19 (May 2020)

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