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3rd Annual Balkans and the Adriatic Oil & Gas 2014 Summit

1-3 October 2014, Athens, Greece

The Governments of Croatia, Albania, Greece and Montenegro are determined to properly exploit their resources by launching new licensing rounds and inviting more international players to explore their waters for oil and gas.

Oil companies that have a successful track record of E&P activities in the area such as Energean Oil & Gas, have been given more permits, whilst offers of other international oil companies are also welcome, with Enel’s bid for three exploration rights in the Ionian Sea having been accepted by the Greek Ministry of Energy.

Croatia currently has an open licensing round offering 29 offshore Adriatic blocks (the licensing area covers an area of 36,823 square km), and  oil companies have until November 3rd to prepare their documents. The fiscal regime is extremely favourable with the royalty tax being only 10% plus license fees based on per square km areas.

Montenegro recently closed its first offshore licensing round on 15th May and has received bids from three different groups from US, Austrian, Italian, Russian, British, and Greek companies.

The exclusive Adriatic workshop on the third day, following the Summit will focus specifically on the licensing rounds and exploitation of prospects in the offshore areas of the Adriatic countries.

The Balkans and the Adriatic Oil & Gas Summit 2014 will take place this year from 1st to 3rd October in Athens with the key players of the Balkans region sharing their developments and insights from operating in the region:

  • Greece: offshore licensing round, blocks delineation, future projects and investment program, pipeline local and international projects developments
  • Albania: offshore and onshore sector and developments, the country as a natural gas hub, new licensing round
  • Bulgaria: geology and opportunities
  • Romania: latest discoveries, Black Sea hydrocarbon potential, shale gas
  • Croatia: Governmental plans for the successful bidders, new hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation legal regime, thorough geological update
  • Montenegro: Governmental announcement on the oil and gas exploration activities and licenses
  • Italy: case studies on the 2 Northern Adriatic oil licensing areas, offshore geological overview
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: oil and gas outlook, exploration updates
  • Serbia: shale potential and major projects
  • Slovenia: upstream and downstream industry outlook
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