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BGP Geophysical Technical Seminar

Ramada Bucharest Parc, Mincu Hall

5 July 2018, 15h30

Technical topics and presentations include:

  • BGP Seismic Acquisition Techniques and Applications:
    KLSeis – A tool for seismic acquisition; Vibroseis seismic acquisition; Node acquisition mode; Seismic acquisition in urban & TZ.


  • Processing Approach and Lesson Learned of Seismic Data In a Complex Mountain Environment:
    background for mountain data challenges both in Romania and China; mountain seismic data processing techniques based on the data from Western-China; experiences from mountain exploration, and what lesson learned we got from previous data.


  • BGP’s TFEM & BSEM Techniques Apply in Assessment and Prediction of Predrilling.
    Time frequency electromagnetic (TFEM) and borehole to surface electromagnetic (BSEM) are the patent technology of BGP and both of them have been researching and developing since 1999. Through more 20 years of continuous researching and developing, these two methods are matured and applied widely both in oil exploration and developing stage. Four application cases will be shown in this presentation.


  • Case Study: CNPC E&P Data Management System (A1 Project)
    In 2001, CNPC planned E&P Data Management System (A1) project, aiming to establish A1 for centralized, high-qualified and standardized management of E&P data, and realize data asset management and service, with data scope covering 11 E&P domains of geophysics, drilling, mud logging, logging, hydrocarbon test, well test & production test, sample experiment, downhole operation, geology & reservoir, and comprehensive research.

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